Courtney Jones

Courtney Jones serves as a part-time intake intern for Holistic Atlanta.  She serves as the first point of contact for all new clients interested in beginning services.  Courtney is entering the field of psychology to help remove the stigma related to the need for mental health treatment in underserved communities. As a current educator who interacts with youth daily, she believes it is important to acknowledge the mental wellbeing of all members of our community, which includes adolescents and young adults.
Her passion for leading youth in the fields of education and psychology has provided her with a new outlook on how to create a long-lasting impact on this population.  During her most recent appointment educating young people in the culinary arts, she noted “as a classically trained chef working in the industry, my connection with teenagers was completely unexpected...I still get text messages from students who have graduated, informing me of their success and celebrations. I was shocked when I encountered parents who wanted to meet the teacher or “chef”  they kept hearing about. I knew at that moment that I must be the adult I needed when I was a teenager.” 

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