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A happy, healthier you

We meet you where you are.  Our quality individual, family, and couples sessions are person-centered and solution-focused, ensuring that the presenting problems are appropriately addressed Our holistic approach guides clients in implementing various methods of CBT and DBT to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters.

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Managing anger and resolving conflict

The goal of anger management is to build a level of emotional intelligence to use emotions in a positive and constructive manner with others. Several topics covered during sessions include understanding the differences between feelings and emotions, managing the emotions of anger, discussing the importance of self-talk, and changing one's belief system. Services are offered for both individuals and groups.

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Finalizing the road to recovery

The image of individuals that abuse prescription or illegal drugs and alcohol has shifted during the onset of the 21st century. Individuals from all walks of life have fallen victim to the growing epidemic of methamphetamine, opioid, and prescription pill abuse calls for comprehensive care to prevent relapse. Our outpatient substance abuse counseling serves as a supplement to a holistic treatment strategy.

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Calm Sea


Empathy. Synergy. Teamwork.

Executives, administrators, and professional leaders are increasingly seeking the services of psychotherapists to assist with managing and leading various personality styles. Our approach to executive coaching incorporates best practices in behavior modification, conflict resolution, and skill-building to decrease stress and assist contemporary leaders in performing at their highest level.

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Host your clients in a warm, welcoming environment

Looking to host a support group, yoga session, or clients for therapy?  Our therapeutic space is the perfect environment for you to conduct your wellness business without unnecessary hassle.  Our space accommodates up to 15 people and is available for hourly and daily rental.

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