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Virtual Reality Therapy

VR therapy provides the opportunity for mental health professionals to not only reproduce real-life scenarios but also to adapt and control these environments to suit the individual needs of their clients.


This technology allows mental health professionals to evaluate and identify their client’s fears and anxieties within the safety of a consultation room. VR is a tool that effectively facilitates the application of psychological evaluation and intervention protocols.


We support the implementation of virtual reality into our therapeutic model due to its benefits of giving providers real-time exposure to their clients’ responses to triggers and stimuli, while also providing clients the opportunity to experience various environments that support the strengthening of resilience and coping skills.


Each VR session will include up to 30 min. of access to our entire library of virtual environments and an additional 30 min. of counseling consultation.


**Our virtual reality services are covered by insurance at no additional cost for current clients under treatment. Single VR sessions for new clients are $150/session.


- Available Now -

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